Nature Nest Homestay Dandeli
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Welcome to Dandeli

Enjoy stay with your family and friends at Dandeli Jungle Homestay / Resort, experience the real nature...!

 is a picturesque city set amidst the backdrop of the Western Ghats. Dandeli city is located at the bank of river kali in Uttarkannada district, which is 117 km from Karwar, 75 km from hubli, 57 km from Dharwad, 481 km from Bangalore. It is very famous for wild sanctuary, white water rafting, Syntheri rock and forest resorts. Kali River is the main water source. People of this city are coming from different states of the India. They are very good example for "unity in diversity" with its different culture, religion and language. So Dandeli city is recognized as "Mini India". 

Dandeli Nature Nest Dandeli Nature Nest Dandeli Nature Nest

Nature Nest offers Dandeli Exotic Holidays, Dandeli Jungle Safari and accommodation at Dandeli. We specialize in Dandeli Exotic Holiday package, White water rafting and Adventure Activities. Resorts in Dandeli are excellent venue for Holiday packages at Dandeli. 

White Water Rafting

Wildlife @ Dandeli

Jeep Jungle Safari

About Dandeli (Karnataka)
You can visit Dandeli any time of the year. During the monsoons, you may see less animals and miss white-water rafting, but the place acquires a unique ambience.

On a ride down the river, a variety of birds can be sighted. Hornbills flying around, kingfishers, darters and egrets darting into the waters in search of food, serpent eagles, falcon, magpie, robin, bulbuls, orioles, woodpeckers, weaverbirds and many more.

At the end of the journey, you can either be picked up by a jeep or walk back to your camp. You can also travel inside the forest in a jeep.